Bluetooth on Sonoff RF Bridge


As far as I know, the Sonoff RF bridge is using the ESP8285 which supports bluetooth.
Is it possible to use it as a Bluetooth to RF gateway?
My goal is to connect my phone to it via BT, and then to use an app on my phone to send BT commands to the bridge, and the bridge would convert them to RF codes and transmit them.
So I will be able to turn on/off RF sockets.
I guess there needs to be a learning stage when I will use an RF transmitter to record the RF codes on the bridge, so they can be transmitted upon request by BT.



I don’t think so, where did you get this info?


Right, it seems like I was wrong about the ESP8285 supporting bluetooth. Thanks.

Do you know about any similar device that does combine BT and RF433 and can be programmed as a BR<–>RF433 bridge? I tried to avoid Arduino with ESP32 and RF transceiver because it’s not as sleek and elegant in terms of packaging.


To my knowledge it doesn’t exist yet