Bluetooth Voltcraft sem6000 support

Hi there!
First of all great project! Really glad I could discover it

Does somebody knows if there are plans to support voltcraft sem6000 sensor. It communicates through bluetooth. I am able to see through the bluetooth gateway but I don’t know how to get any of the information.

There is a repository to interact with the sensor through a script

Unfortunately I do not know if it would be possible to implement this in openmqttgateaway

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi @jfdzar,

looking at some details about the voltcraft sem6000 it doesn’t seem to droadcast any of it’s info in freely available advertising data, so creating a BLE decoder for it is not on the table.

While connecting and readings some it its data might seem possible with the OpenMQTTGateway READ command it looks that it always requires a PIN for such connections. This is currently not supported in OMG yet.


Thank you very much for your response…makes sense.

I have not set any pin for the device I will try with the READ command, but I do not have much hope. I will post in case I find something interesting

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