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Buy a ready2use OMG device

I asked @1technophile if it’s ok to post an ad here, and he is fine with it.

I already have this thread on the home assistant forum, which is about zigbee2mqtt.

I wanted to make something similar with OMG. So currently I have 3 devices.

  • ESP32 with RF, BLE and an LED.
  • NodeMCU ESP8266 version with RF and an LED.
  • ESP32 with BLE

As the pictures show I also have a prototype with IR.

If you are interested please contact me via private message
via email: h4nc.zigbee(a)

Looks very cool.
Could you tell us about the RF receiver/transmitter module and antennas?

I use STX882/SRX882 mosules as recommend here.

The antenna pin is connected to a female sma connector.

It commes with two 3dbi male sma antennas. But you can change it to any 433Mhz antenna you like. With a SMA/BNC adapter you could also use those antennas (of course in this case the hole in the top case has to be a little bigger).

Those look like a customised pcbs to put all the components together? Could you share how you got them?
Would love to see how you RF + IR prototype looks like

I designed them myself and ordered them from a manufacturer.

You can see the in the picture with the blue background. It’s the first one. Did not make a case for that one yet.

Not yet finished, but this is how the IR version of the OMG devices will look like.

The esp32 v

ersion will support IR/RF/BLE/LED
Same for the Esp8266 version but without BLE.

I finished the IR Versions of the OpenMqttgateway.

I made two versions:

This is how they look:

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Could not edit the post above to change the pictures. So here are two additional ones:

I’m now also able to flash the Sonoff RF Bridge with OpenMqttGateway.

You may ask yourself why I want to offer flashed Sonoff RF Bridges when I already have the DIY OMG IR/RF/BLE/Led device.

Well first of all if someone only wants RF (in an industrial case) the Sonoff RF may be the better choice. And because I only need to flash it and save a lot of time soldering and making the device it will be cheaper.
So I think it’s nice to have this option too.