Can I turn off Heltec LORA display and LED with MQTT Command

I just installed OMG on a Heltec LORA 433mHz board running RTL_433 to track some Fridge/Freezer thermometers in Home Assistant. It’s up and running and I’m still sorting out why I’m finding 2 of the thermometers but the other 2 aren’t reliable showing up. But, my question for now: Is there a MQTT Publish Command to turn off the OLED and/or the orange LED?

Once I have everything up an running, I’d like to turn these off.

With the orange led, I never looked into how it was connected to see if it is controllable at all so no there is not an option to disable. I had assumed it was similar to the esp32 dev boards where the red lcd is not controllable.

The heltec display does not have an option to turn the lcd off, only to enable log output to the lcd ( log-lcd )

If you comment out this directive from the build, it will not include the lcd module code, and enable the display.

Got it. Thanks for the detailed response. If I do end up commenting out the directive as you pointed out, I’ll let you know how it goes.