Can interval setting be set for a certain mac address?

refer : BLE Scanner for only 1 MAC Adress - #12 by DigiH

I have a similar question, through openmqttgateway, I have integrated 2 temperature and humidity sensors and a weight scale. I hope that the scanning interval of the temperature and humidity sensor is 5 minutes, but the scanning of the weight scale, I hope that there is data to be able to Upload, if I set the interval to 0, the number of the scale can be read, but this interval is a global setting, so I mean, can this interval be set for a certain mac address? ?

Hi @goodhawk

I am not quite sure I understand your approach.

The scanning interval


defines the time, in milliseconds, between each periodical scanning, with each scan being the default 10 seconds.

Since the scanning is a purely passive procedure it doesn’t make any difference to your temperature and humidity sensors. I’m confident they send out their broadcasts a lot more frequent than the default interval of

TimeBtwRead 55555 (55 second)

With the scale, and I assume you have one of the Xiaomi Mi scales. They send out their info once the the weight has been stabilised and then continue to send it for 10-20 minutes in, if I can remember correctly, 30 second intervals.

So even with the default interval setting of 55 seconds you will catch all the broadcasts of you various devices, even if the scale reading might seem to come in a bit late, possibly even when you have already stepped off the scale :wink:

Since I have such a scale as well and don’t want to hang around for a while for a reading I have set my

TimeBtwRead 20000

so that with the 20 seconds TimeBtwRead and the 10 seconds scan duration I get 2 scans every minute, suitable for all my devices.

I hope this helps.