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Cannot get srx822 working


i have a SRX822 and tried following combinations:

With esp32 on GPOI 27 and 26
With NodeMCU on D0, D1, D2 and D3

I first tried connecting to CS as shown in wiring, but as i read more, i tried connecting to data with and without connecting CS to VCC. I also tried using the VIN and VU Pins on the NodeMCU for Power supply - all without success. Do i have a broken device, or missed i something?

Thanks for help

My findings until now: With the ESPiLight example Receiver code, i get the srx822 working when i connect VCC and CS to VU, and DATA to D2.
Then i tried to do the same with OpenMqttGateway, but i got a crash loop. If i disconnect D2, it doe not crash. Shall i file a issue?


You are using v0.9.6?
Could you give the binary used or the configuration (user_config.h or platformio.ini env)

I’m using a recent git clone. And with platformio the env:nodemcuv2-pilight. git diff shows only:
diff --git a/main/config_RF.h b/main/config_RF.h

-# define RF_RECEIVER_GPIO 0 // D3 on nodemcu // put 4 with rf bridge direct mod
+# define RF_RECEIVER_GPIO 4 // D3 on nodemcu // put 4 with rf bridge direct mod

Nothing else changed.

Tried also tag v0.9.6 - same result.

Using the tag v0.9.5 works. And RXB6 receivers work much better than srx822. I think the ESPiLight v 17.0 is somehow broken (made a issue there too)

Which device is your 433mhz emitter? There is a regression in ESPilight 17 for DIGOO DG R8S