Can't Upload v1.6.0 ESP32dev-Multi_receiver

I have tried Option 1, Upload from web, both the 1.6.0 production and dev versions. After flashing it goes into a reboot loop with a memory corrupted crc error. I then tried Option 2, prebuilt binaries. After downloading all four of the component files and setting them in the Espressif tool at the addresses shown, I still get a reboot loop and crc error. There was a multi-receiver bootloader .bin file that I tried instead if the one shown in the instructions for Option2, but that did not help.
I tried two different ESP32-WRoom-32 boards with the same results.

I flashed v1.6.0 ESP32dev-pilight-cc1101 using Option1 with no problem.

I’d really like to try the multi receiver and compare the different modes.
Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Yes I reproduce the issue, seems Pilight related. We will investigate


Great! I’ll wait to hear from you…

I just tried this too and experience the same boot loop with two different esp32.

I have the same issue. Already opened an Issue on Github

My analysis below: