CC1101 (433 Transceiver )


Anyone using this device?

Looks like it has a good antenna.

I already have a gateway with a Trransmitter STX882 and Receiver SRX882, but I can not get the signal from a sensor on the edge of my house.

Is this sensor inplace replacement?


This device is not supported by OMG.

By the way may I advise you 2 things:

  • add good antennas to your transmitter and receiver
  • if it is not enough add a second gateway


I use

with the antennas. I read the suggested post (from some weather portal) related to using other antennas but I do not think it will be easy to attach better antenna to this.

Also for the transmitter I can use 9V for better range right? But the receiver should not use anything over 5V?

I already replaced the wire antenna at the smoke sensor with a spiral one so I can not do more.


STX882 is rated for 6V max, it will not support 9V see details below:

SRX882 is rated for 5V:

Yes I think the antennas could be better, you are using the basics ones. If you know how to solder it can be done easily to add an armed wire and a more performant antenna.
Some infos there



Then I will order this too:

Just cut the small connector on the end and solder the outer layer to GND and the core to Antenna pin?


Yes and fix the antenna to a plan base.