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CC1101 Transceiver / rtl_433_ESP and usage of Carrier Sense to detect signal

I was looking at the data sheet for the CC1101 Transceiver and see that it has a Carrier Sense mode that can be used to detect the start and end of a signal. And am thinking that this will improve the accuracy of signal reception for the receiver code in rtl_433_ESP. In the current code base I’m using semi-hard coded values for a minimum signal strength to determine start and end of signal, and am thinking this would be better approach. Especially in noisy environments.

With the change, I need to take over the transmit GPIO pin and switch its mode on the CC1101 to trigger for start and end of signal, which adds some complication to the other modules, so I need to make some minor tweaks to them to put the cc1101 back to the normal mode when switching to them for both receive and transmit.

I’m currently about 50% of the way thru regression testing everything ( its a few test cases )


PS I have missed any test scenarios ?