Change gateway name

I’m looking into changing to OMG with multiple Sonoff RF bridges, so I would obviously need to change the gateway name. How do I go about doing this? I know in the documentation it says to edit in the user_config file, but I only know how to flash using the compiled bin file with flasheasy.

At this time the gateway name could only be changed at build time.
So as to do that you will need to install the arduino ide and add the ESP8266 boards 2.4.2

Is there anywhere there are idiot proof step by step instructions for that? All the instructions I’ve found assumes the person knows a lot about this :frowning:

You can follow these instructions until " Upload the sketch OpenMQTTGateway.ino to your ESP8266" and stop before this step.
And continue with these ones

I finally received my additional RF bridges. Thanks so much for your links. Managed to easily upload the sketches with the different gateway names.

It seems that both my gateways are publishing the same command twice. How do I avoid this? Currently my gateways are named SonoffRF_1 & SonoffRF_2. I’m testing it in nodeRED by subscribing to home/+/SRFBtoMQTT

When it receives a signal it publishes two messages. One from each gateway. How do I go about getting it to only pusblish a single message and “deduplicating”?


Do you have some extract of your broker with times and contents of what has been published?
It will help the analysis

Below are the results from nodeRED. After thinking about it, maybe this shouldn’t be a problem? If for instance a door contact sends an open signal twice, the door will still be shown as open?

6/14/2019, 7:07:06 AMnode: c9c29835.a2ad38home/SonoffRF_2/SRFBtoMQTT : msg.payload : string[89]


6/14/2019, 7:07:06 AMnode: c9c29835.a2ad38home/SonoffRF_1/SRFBtoMQTT : msg.payload : string[89]



I confirm, goal of deduplication is to reduce broker pollution with unnecessaries messages.

Unfortunately I can’t catch all the duplicates, especialy if the bridges are at the same dis tance from the emitter. Indeed in this case the 2 bridges doesn’t have time to communicate between them to avoid duplicates as the signal is received at the same time.
Maybe I should think on a master/slave architecture.