ClearGrass esp32dev kit not displaying


Guys first off thanks for spending the time on this OMG. I really do appreciate it

I am running an esp32dev kit used the PlatformIO with the 0.9.3rc and just running default_envs = esp32dev-ble.

I have a ClearGrass Tempurature and Humidy round one and I cannot seem to get the temp or humidty.

I do have some mi jia and that is working fine and is sending MQTT no problem.

I have been using termite to view the mqtt and mqtt explorer and cannot seem to see the cleargrass.

I am not running a HM10 or HM11 but I thought it might work without it for the cleargrass. Is that why it could not be working ?


When you say you don’t see it, you mean you don’t see the temperature and humidity or you don’t see also the mac adress appearing ?
If you don’t see the cleargrass appearing maybe it is filtered due to a low rssi (it should be >-100)? You can try to put it close to the esp32.
Do you see it with a scan from an app like beacon simulator ?

You don’t need an hm10 with esp32.


I do not see the device at all as in I cannot see the mac address. I have moved it right next to the esp32 ( 2cm away from each other)

If I use beacon I also cannot seem to see the mac address as well

My Model is CGG2 ClearGrass.

Sorry for wasting your time.
The version I bought is the like below which is NOT a bluetooth version as I thought it was.

None Bluetooth version

Again so sorry for wasting your time.

No problem, thanks to you I have learned that there is a non bluetooth version.