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Compile error (ble)

i want to compile gateway pilight + ble, pilight works fine but when i try to compile with ble or even only ble i get error :

In file included from D:\User\Desktop\omg ide\arduino-nightly\bramka\main\ZgatewayBT.ino:36:0:

D:\User\Desktop\omg ide\arduino-nightly\libraries\NimBLE-Arduino\src/FreeRTOS.h:72:31: error: ‘RingbufferType_t’ has not been declared

 Ringbuffer(size_t length, RingbufferType_t type = RINGBUF_TYPE_NOSPLIT);


exit status 1

Error compiling for board ESP32 Dev Module.

i set wifi and mqq in user_conf
any ideas ?