Compiling Error: 'kNECBits' was not declared in this scope

I get this error due compiling the source. I only want to compile the IR+rf315+bme280 gateway ( OMG v0.9):
In file included from /home/user/Arduino/libraries/IRremoteESP8266/src/ir_Pioneer.cpp:11:0:
/home/user/Arduino/libraries/IRremoteESP8266/src/ir_NEC.h:39:35: error: ‘kNECBits’ was not declared in this scope
(kNecHdrMark + kNecHdrSpace + kNECBits * (kNecBitMark + kNecOneSpace) +
/home/user/Arduino/libraries/IRremoteESP8266/src/ir_NEC.h:44:6: error: ‘kNECBits’ was not declared in this scope
kNECBits * (kNecBitMarkTicks + kNecOneSpaceTicks) + kNecBitMarkTicks);
exit status 1
Error compiling for board NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E Module). (LiLon NodeMCU V3)

my inverionment:
ubuntu 18.04
Arduino IDE 1.8.4


Are you using the libraries provided into the lib folder of OMG ?

Hi! Yes, I am. Thks.

Could you try with the last version from master (v0.9.1beta)?

I try the v0.9.1beta and compile without error 'kNECBits but i need change the “RFdata” to “RF315data” in ZgatewayRF315.ino because the error:
“/home/user/Arduino/OpenMQTTGateway/ZgatewayRF315.ino: In function ‘void MQTTtoRF315(char*, ArduinoJson::JsonObject&)’:
ZgatewayRF315:148: error: ‘RFdata’ was not declared in this scope
pub(subjectGTWRF315toMQTT, RFdata);// we acknowledge the sending by publishing the value to an acknowledgement topic, for the moment even if it is a signal repetition we acknowledge also ^
exit status 1
‘RFdata’ was not declared in this scope.”

Now all run fine and without errors.
Thank you so much for great work and help.


Thanks for pointing this, I corrected it into the dev branch.