Connection to OpenMQTTGateway

Hello everybody,
I am very new to iot applications and to programming in general. I am trying to set up OMG to be able to read sensor data with my Esp32 DevKit v1 and send it via MQTT. When setting up OMG I reached the point where I try to connect my Esp32 to Wfif and MQTT. I use the Wifi manager for that but when I fill in the wifi password and MQTT data it never connects. It always shuts down the whole process and I have to reconnect my board to my Laptop. In the WifiManager I then see the error message “Not Connected to… Auhentication failure”. I tried this from different devices and networks (home network and mobile Hotspot). I would be really happy if someone could help me and tell me what I am missing in this procedure.

Hi Datin,

Which version of OMG did you try it with?

The error message looks like your WiFi connection to your Fritz Box is being refused, so are all the credentials correct - possibly initial auto caps for the password on your phone?!? :wink: or do you possibly have MAC address filtering or 5Ghz WiFi only enabled on the Fritz Box?

Hi Digi thanks for the fast reply!
I am using version 092.

I checked the settings in my Fritz Box but I couldnt find anything that blocks the connection. I also checked the credential a lot of times haha. I dont have Mac address filtering and my 2.4Ghz WiFi is enabled as well. Actually my Router settings tell me that espressif is connected but the WiFi Manager still doesnt work and gives me the same error message.

Thanks again for your quick reply and help

Not having used WiFi Manager for ages, since I have the credentails hard coded for my builds, I’d still recommend using the latest stable release 0.9.8, for which you can also try the direct web install

or download from here

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot I will try that as soon as possible!
In case you know any good tutorials you could recommend I would be really happy :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for your quick help

If you’re new to OpenMQTTGateway I’d definitely recommend reading through the provided documentation

This is what helped me a lot when I first came across OMG, and the docs are continuously updated when new functionality is being added.

All the best :slight_smile: