Correct firmware naming/ Version

Haven been away for a while and wanted to update my OpenMQTT V1.4.0
My hardware is TTGO (Lilygo) T3_V1.6.1 (433MHz) and looking at my notes in the past I selected “TTGO rtf-433”.
However now I do not see this firmware naming but rather lilygo-rtl_433 and this says for hw ESP32 LILYGO LoRa32 V2.1.

Could you confirm compatibility? Many thanks!

Hi @LEMD49

Yes, the lilygo-rtl_433 is the correct rtl_433 binary for your LilyGo TTGO LoRa32 v2.1

OK many thanks… and worked fine, this time using a WIN machine.
My brain freeze is slowly defrosting… can you remind if with the lilygo rtf 433 is OMG receive only or can we transmit cmnds.
Many thanks!

rtl_433 is a receiving only library.