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Covered my house with smart devices. Now what?


I changed all my bulbs/switches/poweroutlets/… to zigbee devices, connected to zigbee2mqtt and controlled by homeassistant.

What I miss now are some “universal” remotes where I can control a lot of devices.

Right now, I ordered some electronic parts for sending/receiving RF and IR in the hope I just can use a cheap TV-remote and assign a number to one of my devices to toggle on/off and hopefully to use volume control to dim the device. (I will try to use OpenMqttGateway to connect things together)

Now I’m looking for some affordable IR/RF remotes

  • numeric pad
  • +/- buttons
  • stylish design

Has anybody some experience with such devices?



I will go to a yard sale or a second hand shop and take a look to the different IR remote. Usually they have a bunch of them. And you can choose directly a good fit like this.
It should be cheap :wink:

Will do! …for my first setup.

But after everything is setup and (hopefully) working, I would like to convince my wife with a more ‘sexy’ stylish device. Just wondering if they exist….
I think this is a big hole in the market.
My other devices are more or less acceptable (ikea, philips, aqara) in terms of design, but from my couche I would like to control my devices without the need of my smartphone. Same for the bedroom were I abandoned smartphones. I use now the “flamingo SF-501” remotes, which were extremely cheap (10eur for 1 remote and 3 poweroutlets), but I want to switch to smart dimmable lights and trow away the power outlets. The only thing that now stands in the way is the lack of a decent remote. If I read the documentation correctly, the SF-501 remote is probably not compatible with OMG, so I have to look for something else. Finally I need 8 remotes. Preferably on RF otherwise I have to install an OMG receiver on every room.

So any advice is welcome!


Personally, I went with Amazon Alexa’s everywhere for controlling my devices. the family finds them easier than remotes or other options. The other one I keep playing with is a tablet control panel, but it hasn’t really taken off for usage.

Also wouldn’t an app on your phone fill a similar gap ? I’m an iPhone house, so we use the Home app as well

Hi @NorthernMan54 ,

Alexa, google, siri, …… maybe they can fit the gap, but my whole project is trying to be internet independent. Maybe I’m to stubborn on this, but for now I want to keep it this way.
Smartphone/ipad etc… : no long autonomy and to complex for guests/elder people.
Meanwhile I found some acceptable RF remotes, i.e.

Not as stylish as I hoped for, but worth giving it a try.

If I can place one of two of them in every room and connect them to OMG —> MQTT —> HomeAssistant, that will be a very nice extension to all my fixed (zigbee) wall switches.

Those remind me of this from my old X-10 System

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Maybe thuis one can be of some use…

I purchased “Avatto S07 IR Remote”, reflashed with ESPHome (and additionally added a touch-sensor for some manual commands like turn on a light in a living room, near the tv/receiver), and purchased an Aqara Magic Cube, and configured HA to do:

  • when I throw up the cube - turn on HTPC, TV, receiver and (if late) light, or turn that off (depending on HTPC state)
  • rotate cube left, right - tune the volume on receiver (but have to say that this has slow response, much faster via HA UI)
  • hit twice on the table - mute/unmute the receiver
  • “scroll” to specific side of the cube - select input (HTPC, Chromecast or radio), but this is used rarely
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