Decoding and integrating more devices into OMG through Pilight

I’m opening this topic to discuss about the integration of more 433mhz devices to Pilight, by doing that we will increase the devices supported with OpenMQTTGateway by the means of @puuu library ESPilight (used by ZgatewayPilight).

@AhmadK for your info I have ordered the “PCB full” from this link:

It comes unsoldered. Ones solded you can install pilight and begin to play with pilight-debug to see what are the raw data received.

By analysing that and taking the examples from the others protocols we can try to integrate more devices.

That’s a brilliant idea.
I thought we could use the fact that RF module recognises many of 433MHz devices and somehow “translate” its data into Pilight format, but it’s just an idea…

it’s pricey, isn’t it? wonder what else apart from voltage regulator, filter and receiver does it include…

Anyway, I’m ready to help at least with unsupported devices I have in my possession (Sonoff PIR2, Sonoff Door sensor, some Chinese RF wall remotes)

Yes and not, yes if you consider the hardware parts, not if you consider all the work that has been done behind that, and that we are using both work:-)