Difference between intervalcnct and intervalacts


I understand the difference between active & passive scanning but
not sure I understand the “connection” concept IE: difference between

intervalcnct (connection interval)
and intervalacts (active scan interval)

Can someone provide more info + real life use cases?

Thank you!


intervalcnct is the interval between connection attempt to a BLE device. A connection attempt is used with the sensors that requires a connection like a stock MHO_C401 or stock LYWSD03MMC.

intervalacts is the interval between active scan, an active scan will send a scan request to have scan responses. Some devices require this to broadcast their data and will not broadcast with a passive scan.

Hope it helps

Thanks Florian,

So intervalcnct is device specific and some sort of replacement to active scan?
Will some device support passive/active and connection ?

Are both active & connection expecting a response from the device (IE: active)
Or are connection attemps passive IE: not seeking response/payload from the device ?

Thanks again!

yes it is device-specific

Not really, intervalacts replace active scan command

Yes but not with the same Bluetooth methods

Thanks so I guess it’s safe to assume that devices supporting “active” will use one method or the other but not both, right?

So no issues keeping all 3 (passive/active/connection) running at the same time while using non competing intervals ?

The issue is really impact on battery consumption depending on the device you have. What device do you have ?

I have multiple Xiaomi temp/hum sensors , MiFlora devices and Inkbird BBQ probes. Currently testing to see which method works best for each device, keeping battery life in mind.

I have a LYWSD03MMC in the shower which needs to provide data as frequently as possible since it’s used to start the exhaust fan. Also using the flashed firmware to improve response time

The MiFlora doesn’t need to provide data too frequently but does require active scan or “connection” to extract battery value

Iinkbird is not a problem as it’s only used for a few minutes once in a while.


So trying to find the best balance between use case, results and battery life.