Differences between CC1101 and SX127x

I know this isn’t a new topic but I want to share my experience and maybe I can get some recommendations.
I have 3 gateways configured as RTL_433 as below:

Now come the interesting part when comparing the results (see below the screenshots):

  • the 2 gateways based on SX127x have similar results in terms of decoding protocols but when comparing the RSSI for the same sensor the gateway with the SX127x module display better values; must be mentioned that all sensors are randomly decoded and seems with wrong values
  • the gateway based on CC1101 decode less protocols than the other 2 gateways but behave much better with my sensors: much often decodes and the RSSI is much better

The conclusion could be that in my case CC1101 behave better and i should use it, but in this case why the other two are decoding more sensors (neighbors ones)?
Is it any difference on the libraries RTL_433_ESP used for SX127x and CC1101?
Is it any MQTT command to deactivate protocols I’m not using? I saw it is an option to build a firmware with less protocols, which I will follow if not command.

Bellow you can see the data from MQTT Explorer:

Thank you

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It could also be that these sensors are just noise; do they have values that seem real or are completely off?

There is no MQTT command to deactivate protocols

Some seems real, but most are noise.

By the way, I just notice (see above snapshots) that the rssithreshold is different between the 3 gateways and I just read about RSSI Threshold Automatic Setting. This could explain the differences between CC1101 and SX1278.
What I don’t understand is why there are significant (-99 vs -105) differences of rssithreshold between the 2 gateways based on SX1278, as their uptime are very close.

Thank you