DIGOO DG-HOSA 433MHZ water leakage detector

Here is some infos about an OMG compatible water leakage sensor.

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The sensor is powered by two AAA batteries, The part detector part of the sensor is at the end of a 1m cable, it is connected by a 3.5mm jack.

There is 2 buttons on the left side of the sensor.
The lower one enable to simulate the water contact(in my case it sends 80756) . The upper one send another signal (80760) not explained yet.

Power consumption
Sleep current <10uA continuously (measurement below my multimeter accuracy)

Duration estimation
AAA battery capacity is 1000mAh
Sleep current per day ->0.01mA * 24 =0,24mAh per day for sleep
Total per day: 0,24mAh
1000/0,24=4166 days → around 11 years … of course this doesn’t take into account the battery discharge rate.
When triggered with water the power consumption is 12mA

Some pictures:
signal with water:

Power consumption when no action

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Disassembled 2

Does this send a low battery notification? Would be really critical for something like this.

Also, does it keep regularly sending the water leak detection message once it’s detected, or does it just do it once? (Any one message can get lost so you’d never know it was triggered.)

I agree with you, unfortunately, I don’t have it in hand anymore to test this.