THe DIGOO DG-HOSA PIR sensor is a compact and well finished PIR sensor.
It is powered by 2 AAA batteries, delivered with the sensor. So as to replace the batteries you will need a thin plate so as to remove the back side.
It has a little power on button on the back side. When you power it the sensor takes some seconds to calibrate itself.
Once is done it sends a 433mhz signal when a presence is detected.

This sensor is compatible with:

  • ZgatewayRF
  • ZgatewaySRFB (Sonoff RF Bridge)

The datasheet indicates the following characteristics:

  • Detecting Distant 8-12m
  • (Depending on different house situation)
  • Emission Distance >=80m (Open Area )
  • Detect Angle 120°
  • Installation Height Recommend 1.8m-2.2m
  • Operation Temperature -10℃-55℃

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Power consumption fromCurrent Ranger measurements
When sending signal 20mA during around 2s
Sleep current is 20uA continuously

Duration estimation
See the device list 'column “Days of autonomy”

Reception package

Size comparison


Disassembled 2

Disassembled 3

We can see that we have small dips on the top left to change the emitted code.

At final an interesting compact PIR sensor with low power consumption and affordable batteries.