DIGOO DG-Lada 433mhz Siren, PIR detector, remote and door sensor

The DIGOO DG-Lada is a cheap & compact PIR sensor with an embedded siren. It can be powered by 3*AAA batteries or by 5V micro usb cable.
The package contains the PIR/Siren, a remote control with 4 buttons and a windows/door sensor.

An external siren can be added with a 3.5mm jack (5V 200mA max).
Nevertheless for the size the embedded siren is very loud!!

It is a complete alarm system, you can add up to 20 433mhz sensors (PI, door…) and can act also as a ringbell.

You can add different remote controls with the following functions:

  • Arm
  • Disarm
  • Siren
  • Mode

You can add up to 20 sensors so as to trigger the siren as:

  • Common detector (act the siren sound if armed if not act the doorbell sound)
  • Emergency detector (act the siren sound )
  • Doorbell (act the doorbell sound whatever the system mode)

The device is delivered with a mini but clear user manual.

This siren, the door sensor and the remote are compatible with:

  • ZgatewayRF
  • ZgatewaySRFB (Sonoff RF Bridge)

The siren/PIR is a receiver, it can be operated by OMG with MQTTto433 commands. The PIR sensor doesn’t emit an RF signal when triggered (at contrary to the door/window sensor and the remote supplied).

The datasheet indicates the following characteristics:

  • Power DC 5V / 3 * AAA
  • Current <300uA
  • Work current <100mA
  • Switch off current <40uA
  • Detecting Distant <8
  • Detect Angle 110°
  • Alarm sound 125dB
  • Working humidity <80%

Affiliated link

Duration estimation
See the device list 'column “Days of autonomy”

The sleep current is not constant, I need to plug an oscilloscope to measure it.
ringbell 40mA 2s
siren 80-90mA continuously

Size comparison

The PIR/siren

Remote Disassembled

Siren Disassembled

Door Sensor Disassembled

At final a very interesting compact Siren and PIR sensor, affordable and with a lot of option. It can be a good starter kit in the world of 433mhz and OpenMQTTGateway. Recommended!

Seems to be a nice option, I was looking for a Siren to integrate my simple system.

In the case of using the ZgatewaySRFB, which command I would send to the receiver? Something like this sintaxe? (Assuming I want to send the RF433 code 22334455 to the RF device)
Publish a MQTT on topic

Edit: I’ve got it working on Openhab. It need to be trought a .rules file, that publish mqtt action to the desired broker and topic. Using this rule I’ve been able to send RF commands from openhab to the MQTT and then for the Sonoff Bridge send it.

Yes exactly after having programmed the siren with it.

For example:
mosquitto_pub -t "home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTtoSRFB" -m '{"value":12345678}'