Digoo DG-R8H Temperature Sensor

Hello guys, I’m trying to get the Digoo DG-R8H sensor to work with OpenMQTT Gateway.
Right now I’ve flashed a ESP8266 with PiLight only, but can’t get any response from it, or like a troubleshooting guide to check the pilight funcionality.

There is any command I can send to check if Pilight is correctly installed and running on my board? On Arduino serial it displays that connected to my wifi with succes, but nothing more.



Unfortunately dg r8h is not yet supported, I’ve just received one and will try to integrate it into pilight.

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Thanks for the reply!
I was searching more info about this sensor on Google, and found a GitHub project from a guy who decoded the info from these Digoo sensors:

I’ll could try to help to integrate someway the code on the MQTTGateway solution, but I’m not skilled on software development, but I can help doing some tests with it.

Let me know if I can help somehow.

Thanks for the help, it will help for the integration into Pilight (and by the way OMG)