DIGOO DG-ROSA 433mhz alarm siren


Here is some infos about an OMG compatible device, the DIGOO DG-ROSA 433mhz alarm and siren. This siren is able to react on 2 different ways:

  • Emit a loud beep and light
  • Ring an alarm siren and light

Both actions are programmable following a 433mhz code and can be changed easily.

So as to program it I use a 433mhz switch remote, I record the 433mhz signal with OMG and I replay the signal with OMG.

Affiliated link

The siren has 2 power modes, a wired mode with a micro usb cable and a standalone mode with the included battery.

Some pictures:





hello. I purchased the same siren hoping to the Sonoff RF Bridge to read the codes but it’s not reading. would you mind sharing which 433mhz switch remote you are using to read the codes? thank you!


Hi, this siren is not emiting codes. It is only expecting a code that you have to program by the set button. Meaning that you can register the code you want.