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Digoo DG-SD10 doorbell

Hey, I got this one, and I see you’ve added it to the supported list with some required modifications. Where can I see the instructions?


Here is the library to use:

Remove the protocols that you are not using.

Digoo DG-SD10 is the last one.

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Hi @1technophile,
Sorry to jump in, I have used the library you provided above, and it worked. Now OMG able to detect door bell pressed in an MQTT event.

My question is, would I be able to transmit 433 signal to the bell receiver from OMG? So that I’m able to trigger the sound through HA automation.
I already try to publish MQTT transmit in home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTto433 topic, using the exact payload I captured from the bell button generated, but still no luck :frowning:

Thanks in advanced.


Could you share the message sent to the gateway for the sound triggering ?

Hi, sorry I just notice that my transmitter is broken. It’s not sending signal anymore. I replace it first, then try again. Meanwhile, this is the message I received in OMG, after the bell button pressed


soon after, I receive additional message


I’ll report back to you, once I replace the 433 transmitter.

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Hi @1technophile,
After replacing the faulty transmitter, I can confirmed that I can trigger this digoo doorbell using MQTTto433 message, using the payload I sent above.

Thank you very much @1technophile, wonderful work you’ve done on OpenMqttGateway :star_struck:

Great !
Thanks for the feedback.

Is a Sonoff rf bridge equipped to receive doorbell ring signals AND send chime requests? or is there another receiver for the 315mhz range needed?
I have an RFbdidge flashed with tasmota atm and that has failed to ‘hear’ the doorbell with that firmware.

I don’t understand why you mention 315mhz, the DG-SD10 is a 433mhz one.

If tasmota fails to read it, you can use OpenMQTTGateway and modify the RFBridge to bypass its internal decoder.

Refer only to the hardware modification of this tutorial, and instead of uploading Pililigh gateway, upload RF one with the library pointed above, and don’t forget to remove the protocols you don’t need.