Disable HA mqtt discovery

I just built the latest from master, Zmqttdiscovery comes commented by default in user_config.h, so shouldn’t be included.

I am getting omg pushing discovery devices into HA no matter what. Now the integration is full of RF switches.

rf/omg/LWT online
rf/omg/version version_tag
rf/omg/SYStoMQTT {"uptime":6,"version":"version_tag","freemem":45336,"rssi":-60,"SSID":"sharktopus-IoT","ip":"","mac":"B4:E6:2D:13:F1:CD","wifiprt":0,"modules":"RFHADiscovery"}

Is there something wrong in the build flags that keep adding the discovery module?

For now i added a dummy topic for discovery in config_mqttDiscovery.h to prevent adding devices into home assistant

Hi, which board are you using?

I have commented

; '-DZmqttDiscovery="HADiscovery"'

in [com-esp] in platform.ini, and it seems to do the job as I wanted.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, i’ll try that.

I am using a wemos d1 mini-> nodemcuv2-rf in platformio.ini