Disable "MS-CDP-device"

Hi to all,

In home assistant, I get flooded with new devices “sensor.MS-CDP-device”. Is there a way to ignore/disable ?
Same thing for “sensor.iBeaconxxx”



Yes the v0.9.12 disable the auto discovery of those devices:

Thanks, I just updated

Is it normal that I got “version”: “version_tag”, ?
And I still have the beacons and MS-CDP devices.

Something I did wrong?


How did you updated?

Note that MS CDP device will not create entities anymore with auto discovery but will be displayed on the broker.

OK yes you are right ! It show on my MQTT broket but not in HA, thanks !

As a side note, I updated via USB and PlatformIO
I am getting a “no response” error when trying OTA

Yeah, sometime with PIO OTA is a bit difficult.
Note that you can OTA through mqtt also.