Discover SELECTED devices automatically using OMG_lilygo_rtl_433_esp MQTT but not all

I am using an OMG_lilygo_rtl_433_esp MQTT gateway to connect my 433mHz devices to HomeAssistant.

I turned off auto-discovery so as not to clutter my HA devices/entities with all my neighbors’ junk.

Using MQTT Explorer, it appears that all devices (whether officially discovered or not) show up under the>OMG_lilygo_rtl_433_ESP->RTL_433toMQTT tree but they are not published as devices/entities under the>homeassistant tree unless they have been previously "auto-discovered’

i.e., I can “see” the devices under MQTT explorer but they are not discovered and added as entities to HA.

Now rather than adding all devices, I would like to selectively add new devices that are mine.

I know I can do that totally manually using configuration.yaml but I would like to have a “semi-automatic” way to configure where I could for example select a specific device that shows up in MQTT Explorer under the tree>OMG_lilygo_rtl_433_ESP->RTL_433toMQTT and then only have that device’s entities published and recognized by HA.

So is there a way to discover and add specific devices automatically without adding every possible device?

Not quite, all devices which are received are also being auto-discovered when Sys: Auto discovery is turned on again and a restart is being issued.

You can then have your own devices added, but might need to delete any other added devices, which belong to your neighbours or some passer-by, which might have been added as well during the discovery session.

Deleting such unwanted devices in the Home Assistant’s MQTT integration will delete all their discovered entries under the homeassistant topic.