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Dooya DC2700 RF Receive Codes


I have electric curtains with Dooya DC2700 remote. I already has it working with sonoff rf bridge with portisch firmware. I want to migrate it to Open Mqtt Gateway.
I am not able to receive any codes from my remote in my nodemcu + RXB6 receiver. I am able to receive the codes from my window/door sensors. With sonoff i am able to receive the B1 codes and convert them to send to my electric curtains controllers.

I already tried the receivedemos and i don’t receive any codes.

This should be supported by open mqtt gateway?



I don’t think they are supported by RCSwitch, here is an issue related to another DOOYA device:

This device seems to use a quad state pulse that is not currently supported.

Hmm i found this issue that is now solved and i tougth that my remote would use the same protocol. Because now DC2708 is supported.

Any Change that this may be supported? Do you need any help from my side?


When you tested with the receivedemo example, was it with the rcswitch original one or the fork?

It was with the fork.

Could you try to decode it with only the DOOYA protocol by removing the others and rebuilding.

Ok i don’t know if it is the right way to do it, but i tried the receivedemo_advanced and removed from RCSwitch.cpp to be like in the image:

Still nothing from my dooya remote. Sometimes i receive some garbage with 9 or 10 bits from the remote.

So I don’t think it is out of the box compatible with RCSwitch, you could try with Pilight also.
If you don’t succeed with Pilight, your last chance would be with RTL_433 and a SDR but as it is fir receiving only it may not be adequate.

@SoulSlayer, I’m surprised you had the Dooya DC2700 working with the sonoff RF Bridge with Portisch! I tried this a few days ago and could pick up simple 433 devices like door sensors, motion sensors, but not the DC2700 codes. The red light on the bridge didn’t light up to show it was receiving + no record of a signal in the console logs. @SoulSlayer, I don’t know enough about RF devices to know whether one DC2700 might have rolling codes and another DC2700 might have ‘simple’ codes? Are you able to point me in the right direction?

My Dooya DC2700 remotes shipped with curtain motors (, which looks to be the same as other branded Tuya blind motors). If I could sniff/receive the DC2700 signals then I could keep using the remotes after I flash it with Tasmota!


I have just followed this guy tutorial and it is working nicelly!

Don’t forget the rfraw command!