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DYI RF433 temperature/humidity sensor for OMG

Hi there all,
I just search a lot of threads in the forum in order to find some sensor
that can be made by DIY and not to buy it.
But some little thinks that I found is not what I’m looing for.

So even if I’m newbe… I want to try to make a DIY sensor
that can be used with 2 X 1.5V batts for one year or more.

The sensor I want make will be with:

  • atmega328p based (maybe attiny if memory permit for e-link display)
  • DHT22 sensor (or other if someone can advise me)
  • an e-link display (maybe something like this one)
  • RF433 MHz trasmiter module (but here I need help to choose)
  • 2 X 1.5 V battery
  • box make with 3D Printer in order to put it on the wall, when all will work :slight_smile:

So is there someone that can help me to arrive to make a hardware like this ?
I need help to choose the RF hardware and the protocol that can communicate with OMG.

The RF module must be:

  • compatible with OMG
  • must transmit at last at 100 Mt. (cause I’ll use some in the garden also)
  • must have little current consume
  • and must have little cost if possible :slight_smile:

When all this will work, I’ll need to make at last 8 pieces.
So I must make all functional and nice :slight_smile:

Thanks all