Easiest way to change "time_avoid_duplicate" (without recompile?)

I have my 433 devices working in home assistant now, but when my family goes out the back door, it stays “Open” even though it’s closed. It takes about 2 seconds to go through our sliding glass door, but it seems OMG is ignoring a sensor for 3 seconds after receiving a message. I’ve asked my family to wait a second before closing the door so my “smart home” can see it, but that is not working out.

After doing some searching, there is a setting “time_avoid_duplicate” which is 3 seconds. The CLOSE should not be a duplicate, as the payload is different but something is causing OMG to ignore the device for 3 seconds after opening. However, I can’t seem to change this setting in the Home Assistant OMG_lilygo_rtl_433_ESP controls. I can change the brightness of the screen, but not a very important time setting? Weird

So it seems this is compiled in the code. I’ve never compiled Arduino code before but have been trying all day. It’s failing on missing files, I’m don’t know what options I need to define (ZgatewayRF or ZgatewayLORA or both?!) . I can’t find a step by step guide compiling OMG for a LilyGo TRL 433 v2.1

Is there any possible way to change the time_avoid_duplicate without compiling?

Finally! I fixed it. Yes, changing time_avoid_duplicate to 1000 no longer causes my sliding glass door to stay stuck Open. It happened to other doors as well sometimes, but always that door.

For anyone who has not compiled arduino before, here is the easiest way.

Install Raspberry Pi OS 64 Bit
Install Platform IO with sudo -H pip3 install platformio
Download the latest OMG https://github.com/1technophile/OpenMQTTGateway/archive/refs/tags/v1.6.0.tar.gz
Edit platformio.ini and uncomment out your board. mine: default_envs = lilygo-rtl_433
Edit main/User_config.h and change time_avoid_duplicate to 1000

Then compile by platformio run

If all goes well, finished binary will be .pio/build/lilygo-rtl_433/firmware.bin

Flash to your device using a HTTP url (need a web server). and problem is fixed!