Electrodragon ESP Relay Board

I bought this device in VDC version and I managed to successfully implement the gateway also with OTA updates. My test setup currently only includes the ZactuatorONOFF module activated on pin 13 which corresponds to relay # 1.
I tried unsuccessfully to change the software to activate both relays separately (pin 13 and pin 12).
What is the correct method to implement a multiple number of actuators?
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A possibility is to duplicate ZactuatorOnOFF and rename it to ZactuatorOnOFF2 and also to rename the calls and variables.
Nervertheless the best way would be for me to implement the possibility to set the output pin on the payload.

yes, I was able to make it work by duplicating the functions inside ZactuatorONOFF, but in the case of a card with 8 relays it would not be a very effective solution. I agree with you that the best thing would be to do the addressing of the actuators inside the payload and I will try to do it in some way. Thank you

There is a PR proposal here related to your need

I tried the proposal you suggested and it works great, many thanks to you and SenexCrenshaw