Esp 32 probe like d22

using vscode how do we declare the pins where the probes are connected

That really depends on which probe you are using and with which sensor module.

Then the pin assignments with their definitions are usually found in the .h files of the respective module, e. g. for ZsensorDHT.ino in config_DHT.h.

thank you, I’m moving forward little by little, here’s what I got as an error code

Did you include the ZsensorDS1820 module in your custom environment? By adding the lib_dep
and the build_flag

I don’t understand how to eclare a probe

Is it a DS1820 which you want to attach to you ESP32?

yes it’s definitely a dh1820

Then all you really need to do is set up your own custom environment, best in a portable config file, where you add the above lib_dep and build_flag to the environment, and hook up the DS1820 according to the pin assignments in config_DS1820.h. This should then automatically give you the MQTT messages in the interval DS1820_INTERVAL_SEC as described at