ESP32 BLE Range


Here is the result with v0.9beta unchanged from current master (measurement are done without obstacles between esp32 & sensor):

  • MI JIA rssi -83 - 3m
  • MI JIA rssi -86 - 4m
  • MI JIA rssi -86 - 5m
  • MI JIA rssi -86 - 6m
  • MI JIA rssi -84 - 8meters
  • MI FLORA rssi -53 - 20cm
  • MI FLORA rssi -79 - 4m
  • MI FLORA rssi -81 - 6m
  • MI FLORA rssi -93 - 8meters

Finaly theses are pretty good ranges without modifying the code.

The board used is a wemos ESP32 DEVKIT without any hardware attached (except the usb cable linked to my pc)

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Here is more test results measured outside with direct view between gateway and sensors:

  • Mi jia - 15meters
  • Mi flora - 25 meters

Hiiii… can anyone help me with mqtt over Ble.

Hi, surely yes but not if you :

  • don’t describe your problem
  • ask your question on a thread that is not related to your problem


is there a ESP32 board with better BLE coverage/Sensitivity ? I want to avoid deploying 4 gateways for my Xiaomi temperature/humidity sensors

I’m using ESP32-DEv



Yes, take this one with an external antenna (EA)

You can also take the box with it:


I compiled 0.9.4 with BLE for two different ESP32:

1/ this one with IPEX connector for external antenna. As far as I know, we shall move a 0ohm resistor to use it. Not yet tested.
2/ this one with only internal antenna

I have far better result with ESP32 from Aliexpress and IPEX than the one I purchased on Amazon.

I detect only 1 temp/hum sensor on the amazon one and 4 on the aliexpress.



Which external antena have you used? I see this as the only option. With standard wemos-32 with build in antena i can get reliable range up to 1m (with no direct view). This way i would need to install like 2 esp gateways in a room instead as preferred 1-2 per floor.


Hi, is it possible maybe to work on this power setting from your site (or anyone else)? Having a direct line of sight is hard to achieve and increasing range with this would be a huge advantage in my case. I don’t care of the power consumption as i got it directly connected to the grid and hidden in a closet.

Yes I can add it as a config parameter.

What range do you need ?


thanks, I look for maximum that is possible to get out of wroom-32 board.

In this case you should use an external antenna.

Sure, i’ve already seen the wroom-32U version witch is interesting to check but anyway in my present usecase any (1-2meter) of incresed range would be enought. I believe this would be beneficial as well to the other users to have this parameters enabled so they could play with range (increase or decrease) acording individual needs.

On previous post i saw that this try was not giving any visible efects so definately some advanced user as you @1technophile would need to have a look on this feature.

I have done a test range with the following equipment:

  • OLIMEX ESP32 gateway with external antenna, OMG connected by Wifi
  • LYWSD03MMC stock firmware

Both devices were at 1.5m height.

With line of sight outside, I’m able to get the LYWSD03MMC data at around 60meters / 200ft.

Hi @cichy63,

while the wroom-32U with an external antenna might be overkill, I have recently ordered 2 WROOM-32D, which, according to Espressif, has

The antenna design has also changed. The result is better RF performance.

or from the tech spec sheet:

ESP32-WROOM-32D, compared with ESP32-WROOM-32, has been improved in the following aspects: TX Power, RX sensitivity, EVM, Band Edge and Spurious Emission.

And I can confirm, replacing a ‘standard’ ESP32-WROOM-32 with a new ESP32-WROOM-32D, at the same location, the reception sensitivity of my usual beacon has improved from an average -82db to now an average -65db.

So maybe this model could help with your 1-2meter range issue as well.

Just make sure to break off the PCB board underneath the antenna, if it also has it there for package and postage safety, so that the antenna is fully free, as it’s supposed to be for this model - the PCB has a predetermined breaking point there.

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Hi @DigiH,

I compared ESP32-WROOM-32U & ESP32-WROOM-32D. ‘U’ version works similar to D so haven’t found it as ‘overkill’.For D I haven’t noticed any break point. My antena looks to be attached to main frame and sticks a little bit outside the this situation I would recommend D as only one worth buying.

I only meant the external antenna, which usually doesn’t come with the ESP32-WROOM-32U package as possible overkill of thing to get and spend on, as you stated you would only need 1-2 meters of additional range;)

Yes, my PCB antenna totally sticks out over the borad as well, as in this image

but when I received two ESP32-WROOM-32D units, they both had the board underneath extend all the way under the antenna, so I had to break it off. I think different vendors might do that, so that the quite thin antenna itself doesn’t break off during the package and posting process, others obviously don’t seem to do that.

I agree, the ESP32-WROOM-32D is the go to ESP32 variation for me in the future.

How about ESP32 C3 and ESP32 S3 ?

Have a look at ilgrank’s measurements. I can confirm that the Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3 is doing very well. From my 8 LYWSD03MMC-ATC-ble sensors only the most distant one from upstairs is missing or rather seldomly detected.
Any board containing the ESP32-C3-WROOM-02 module as my ESP32-C3-DevKitC-02 should have a good BLE range as well.