ESP32 + C1101 drops signals and freezes sometimes?

Hi everyone,

My C1101 arrived earlier than I expected. That was the good part.

Have a setup now with
(1) ESP32 + STX882 + SRX882 with “esp32dev-rf2”
(2) ESP32 + C1101 with “esp32dev-multi_receiver”

I noticed that the C1101 does not receive all signals:

You see here the mqtt signals received by both setups.
On the C1101 (2)

  • no all RF2 signals are received
  • it’s sometimes “frozen”: during a period it does not receive anything at all

Has this something to do with the C1101?

kind regards,
Bart Plessers

to compare things correctly, I also flashed
(3) ESP32 + C1101 with “esp32dev-rf2”

→ same problem

The only difference now is that (1) and (3) are psysically different ESP32 boards, but I suppose this can not be the problem

Am I the only one that experiences this problem?

Can somebody confirm he/she has a ESP32 + CC1101 running with “esp32dev-multi_receiver” for decoding RF2 signals?


While I don’t have any experience with a CC1101 and RF2, due to the lack of any RF2 devices, from my experience in general the CC1101s do have a weaker reception range than an SRX882.

So this might be the differences you are seeing.

With my ESP32 + CC1101 rtl_433 set-up I do not experience any freezes though.

ok, thanx for reply.