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Hi there all,
I just receive the ESP32 module and I want to use it in order to receive this Xiaomi temp/humidity sensor.
But because all the world is go in the PlatformIo direction I just want to begin to use it also.

So sorry for the newbie question…
but what *.zip file I must dovnload from the OMG source please ?
I downloaded the but I didn’t find the platformio.ini file inside.

Can some one indicate the right file please ?
Thanks all


If you want to use platformio you need to download the source code, either in .zip or tar.gz archive format.

These are the last two files in the assets list.

All the best.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

I downloaded the source package and I opened in PlatformIO
First warning that I take is:

Then I have 5 errors in the main with the #include… here is the first 3:

Anyone can help me please ?

The warning you can take note of, and then close for the time being.

How are you building your desired environment - which is esp32dev-ble I assume, from your original post? Did you follow

Did you get the errors during that build? Are you connected to the internet while building, so that the appropriate libraries can be downloaded for the environment build?

Thanks for the answers Digi,
yes… I downloaded that source.
And yes… I’m always connected.

I also uninstalled all VSS and PlatformIO and reinstalled… get same errors :frowning:

But… I follow the steps here and
I downloaded Arduino IDE (now 1.8.13) and use it… 5 minutes work all :slight_smile:

Now I just must play with the settings.

I’ll try PlatformIO after some time that I’ll finish to make work the sensors.

Thanks again

Glad to hear you got it working with the Arduino IDE :slight_smile:

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Because I have nothing to do… and outside is raining…

I return to PlatformIO and I just want to give the solution to my problem,
in order to be for some newbie like me that will have same problem :slight_smile:

There is a folder of PlatformIo in the:

Just exit from Visual Studio Code, delete all in that folder and
then restart VSCode… it will reinstall all necessary.
For me now is work like a charm :blush:

But I have another beginer curiosity…
In my platformio.ini all the env is commented:

So why the PlatformIO will compile all the env, if I click “PlatformIO:build” ?

It take a lot of time… and space also.
It’s normal to make all modules, or I have some wrong settings ?

Thanks again

This is normal, as it is the command to build all environments, when no specific target is specified and targeted.

As I can see from your first screenshot you seem to have tried adding your own environment in the env list, though I’m not too sure of the syntax, or is it just a comment above the esp32dev-ble entry?

If you have made or want to make changes to the build settings it might be best to create them in a separate file, and take the prod_env.ini.example as a start, as also described further down on the Docs page

Instead of uncommenting and commenting back various env targets for different builds, also have a look on the left side of VSCode, and click on the platfomio icon. Under Project Tasks you will find all the various environments with individual Clean, Build, Upload etc. options for each.

Hope this helps

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Yes that record is just a comment in order to activate ble or not :slight_smile:

And thanks a lot for the greate tips … I didn’t know this.
Greate help :slight_smile: