ESP32 IR, BLE and DHT gateway down every few days

I have configured my ESP32 as an IR, BLE and DHT gateway. This works perfect, but every 3 days or so it’s offline (I noticed because no new readings are gathered). A simple power off and on fixes the problem, but it keeps reoccurring. How can debug this?


Could you share your SYStoMQTT value after 2.5 days?
Alternatively, the best way would be to attach it to a serial monitor and share the logs when it is stuck.


Of course:

	"uptime": 236052,
	"version": "version_tag",
	"freemem": 89432,
	"mqttport": "1884",
	"mqttsecure": true,
	"freestack": 3400,
	"rssi": -69,
	"BSSID": "08:26:97:9C:C0:41",
	"ip": "",
	"mac": "C0:49:EF:CD:8B:2C",
	"lowpowermode": 0,
	"btqblck": 0,
	"btqsum": 0,
	"btqsnd": 0,
	"btqavg": 0,
	"interval": 1,
	"scanbcnct": 10,
	"scnct": 23541,
	"modules": [

@IRo meaning? Your porblem was fixed in a newer version, so where are you referring to?

  1. Letting you know what you should look for in the log
  2. In no point did I say it was fixed in a later version. As far as I know, reducing the scan frequency has more to do with it. For the record I’ve had a few ble gateway deaths since flashing the newest version a few weeks ago.
  3. You have others in the thread with similar issues which weren’t resolved as of the last message there

My ESP32 was alway doing some weird things in comparison to my ESP8266. I’ve multiple ESP32, so I tried another one. This one seems more stable. The serial monitor (no weird characters anymore) works more reliable. Maybe my first ESP32 is flawed? I will let you know if this one doesn’t go down every few days.

If you had weird characters in serial monitor, i would suspect bad connection especially with ground?
Share a picture of your device?

Only one string with weird characters and always the same line. The serial monitor also got stuck very fast with the previous esp32. The new one did not have this problem.