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ESP32 low power and OpenMQTTGateway

This discussion:

Gave me the idea to start a thread regarding low power usage of ESP32 with OpenMQTTGateway.

There is an interesting comparison of ESP32 boards (2018) from Andreas Spiess:

This document from the same author is also useful:

I have identified the LOLIN32 Lite as an interesting candidate for OpenMQTTGateway

And the first results are very interesting:

Having around 60 microamps in low power is an interesting result.

So what I have done is to let OpenMQTTGateway run in low power mode 2 with a retained interval of 550s.

With this small 250mAh battery, I got around 3 days of life.

I’m now experimenting it with a larger battery (3000mAh) since yesterday

Let’s see how far it goes.

If people are interested in Low Power Mode with OpenMQTTGateway we may optimize the duration of the wake up phase. For the moment due to little interest, there was no work on this part.