ESP32 master/slave with LCD 240x240

Hello guys,

I just discovered this project and I’m interested using it for my school project. So I’m creating a temperature monitoring system using DHT11 with master/slave. System has 2 slaves and a master. Master also has display (I bought it seperately) it’s a i2c LCD 240x240.

I’m interested with the project because I just realized that WiFi and Bluetooth can’t run at the same time with the normal ESP32(?). Because I need my slaves to send data to master with Bluetooth, and Master send data via WiFi to MQTT, and receive data with Bluetooth. I don’t know if there’s a solution for this problem.

So the hardware
Display here

Sorry about asking this but how is the procedure to make it work?

  1. To connect display to master and show data from 3 sources (2 slaves, and itself)
  2. To implement OpenMQTTGateway to my system

Thank you so much, please let me know if details needed. Please let me know if there’s better way to do it.

I also have the code without OpenMQTTGateway here in my github repo. I’m so confused right now, don’t know what to do next.