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Esp32, mosquitto without ssl

I am new to openmqttgateway and trying to install my first node.
Compiled everything with code, but getting:

W: MQTT client disconnected no BLE scan
[E][WiFiClient.cpp:258] connect(): socket error on fd 56, errno: 113, “Software caused connection abort”
W: failure_number_mqtt: 56
W: failed, rc=-2
W: failed, ssl error code=1073595416

I am using mosquitto on debian without ssl, but with password. This are my build-flags:
build_flags =

Does anyone know this problem and could give some hints please?
Best regards and thanks in advance,


If you want to enter your wifi credential when building you need to add the following flag :

Also as a start for a simple configuration like yours, I would avise to use the web uploader

With it you can directly upload from your browser.
Once done you will have to connect to the wifi AP generated by the ESP and enter the credentials.

Sounds good. Unfortunately the portal is not presented anymore, as it knows the wifi data already.
How can this be forgotten?
Best regards,

You can choose to erase the data when flashing with the web uploader.