ESP32 WifiManager


I saw that with the ESP8266 you have the option to use the WifiManager.

Currently this is not available for the ESP32.
Is this technically not possible? Are there plans to enable the WifiManager for the ESP32 too?



It is freshly available with esp32 on the beta (you can take the development branch).

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Could you add the mac path to the docs? I think this will help users in future.




I get the following error when I want to compile the dev branch (did not have this with master):

Multiple libraries were found for "PubSubClient.h"
OpenMQTTGateway:113:19: error: FS.h: No such file or directory
 Used: /Users/h4nc/Documents/Arduino/libraries/pubsubclient
compilation terminated.
 Not used: /Users/h4nc/Documents/Arduino/libraries/PubSubClient-2.6.09
Multiple libraries were found for "ArduinoJson.h"
 Used: /Users/h4nc/Documents/Arduino/libraries/ArduinoJson
 Not used: /Users/h4nc/Documents/Arduino/libraries/ArduinoJson-5.11.2
exit status 1
FS.h: No such file or directory

can you point me in the right direction?

Yes you should remove your existing libraries and copy the ones from the lib folder of OMG.
Regarding esp32 it is detailled in the wiki.
Don’t forget to remove the BLE folder.

Yes I got that and I deleted that folder refarding the docs.

But maybe for mac users it would be nice to add the information where they find that folder, because currently it is only explained for win users.

Anyway I deleted that folder, but I still get this error above.

You can update the wiki, you just need a github account if you want to update the page.

Could you precise the arduino esp32 board version you are using ? From the arduino ide.

Done. Hope it’s ok like that.

ESP32 DEV Module

Was able to compile and upload now.

I don’t know why it worked with the master, but I didn’t delete the BLE folder correctly.
And additionally I had to libraries is my library folder that had to be removed (ArduinoJson-5.11.2 and PubSubClient-2.6.09).

After that I was able to compile it.

Wifi Manager works know and really looks great. I know that one from tasmota. But I like that it envolved (e.g you are able to delete the Wifi setting, this is handy if you give away the device).

Thanks! Great projekt!

Glad to hear that it works !

After configuring the wifi settings I expected something like the tasmota webinterface.

This would be nice to be able to restart, reset, console, ota etc.

Are you planning to implement this is future?