ESP32 with Aurel 868 MHz module for Bresser weather station

Hi to all, first post in this community :slight_smile:

I’ve successfully built and installed latest 0.9.12 on an esp32-olimex-gtw-ble-poe-iso and I’d like to try using an Aurel 868 MHz Transceiver to decode packets from a Bresser weather station.

Has anyone some experience with this module and OpenMqttGateway ?

Which RF decoder should I use ? RF, RF2, RTL_433 or Pilight ?
I’ve already verified that the ‘original’ RTL_433 works with an SDR dongle, can I be confident that the stripped down version used by OpenMqttGateway will work also ?

Thanks in advance for any pointers :slight_smile:

Hi @Gabri74,

while I cannot tell you anything about the Aurel 868 MHz Transceiver, using a CC1101 here and think it’s currently the only transceiver working with rtl_433_ESP, depending on what Bresser weather station you have it could be included in the rtl_433_ESP FSK test branch.

If you have either bresser_5in1.c, bresser_6in1.c or bresser_7in1.c you might have similar problems as I experience with my Fine Offset rebranded weather station, also being FSK_PULSE_PCM modulation, which doesn’t seem to decode properly yet.

If you have the bresser_3ch.c though, everything should be fine, and this OOK_PULSE_PWM modulation decoder is already included in the default rtl_433_ESP branch.

All the best and let us know how you get on.


So I’ve temporary used a docker image (GitHub - hertzg/rtl_433_docker: 📡+🐋=💘 rtl_433 multiarch docker images.) and re-tested it to be sure and it is a bresser-5in1 type wit FSK modulation:

time : 2022-06-08 13:50:11
Protocol : 119
model : Bresser-5in1
id : 126
Battery : 1
Temperature: 27.7 C
Humidity : 37
Wind Gust : 2.0 m/s
Wind Speed: 0.8 m/s
Direction : 247.5
Rain : 53.6 mm
Integrity : CHECKSUM
Modulation: FSK
Freq1 : 868.2 MHz
Freq2 : 868.3 MHz
RSSI : -12.1 dB
SNR : 19.6 dB
Noise : -31.7 dB