ESP32 with CC1101 and RCSwitch not working as expected

Hi all,

as this is my very first post in this forum, I would like to thank everyone involved into OpenMQTTGateway for this awesome project!

I am using an ESP32 Development Board (Az-Delivery DevKitC V4) and a CC1101 module (EByte E07-M1101D). I chose esp32dev-multi_receiver (Version 1.5) as the firmware, which uses the RTL_433 decoder by default.

When I press a button on my 433.92 MHz remote control (SilverCrest), I can see a respective topic created in MQTT (Mosquitto) by the RTL_433 decoder. So I guess the wiring is ok and everything is working.

However when I change the active receiver module to RF/RF2, I don’t see any topic created in MQTT.

I changed the active receiver as described here and confirmed that the change was successful by verifying that the status message key actRec has changed.

According to the docs, I should now see something similar like this:

Generate your RF signals by pressing a remote button or other and you should see :

home/OpenMQTTGateway/433toMQTT {"value":1315156,"protocol":1,"length":24,"delay":317}

Unfortunately nothing happens, when I press the remote button.

Can someone explain why?

I hope someone can point me into the right direction.

Thanks in advance!

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It is likely that you remote control is supported by RTL_433 but not by RCSwitch, the library used by the RF Gateway.

As this is working with RTL_433 gateway what is the reason behind digging the RF one ?

@1technophile, thank you for your answer.

As this is working with RTL_433 gateway what is the reason behind digging the RF one ?

First RTL_433 is decoding my remote control as Akhan-100F14, a remote keyless entry system. But my remote control from SilverCrest is for some power plugs.

Second my aim is to switch on/off my power plugs (using OpenMQTTGateway and Home Assistant), so I need to send commands as well. But with RTL_433 I can only receive, but not send.

So my approach was to read what RCSwitch is receiving and then resend it when necessary. But, if it does not receive, I don’t know what to send.

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Do you found a solution to use the code received by the gateway to control your plugs?
I’m in the same situation, I use RTL_433 with CC1101 and my remote control is recognized as Akhan-100F14. If I look MQTT message I find some informations but I dont know how to use it?

Best regards

Hi Clement,

no I have no solution yet. Enjoying summer time stopped me from working on this topic. Will start again in winter, so that I hope I will have a solution later this year. If it works, I can post my solution here.

Should you find a solution, I would appreciate, if you would share it here.

Kind regards