Esp32dev-ble and ThermoPro TP357 sensor : no packet with temperature

I have a ESP32-WROOM board using the 1.6.0 version of OMG (binary : “esp32dev-ble”).

I have just received a ThermoPro TP357 sensor bought on Amazon (this device is supported according to Devices | OpenMQTTGateway v1.6.0).

My issue is that the temperature / humidity is not seen by OMG. I can only see an rssi info packet, as shown below:
{“id”:“FF:66:75:66:4A:D5”,“name”:“TP357S (4AD5)”,“rssi”:-45}

It should be noted that the device is working with the mobile application.

Thanks in advance for your help !

Hi @Mific,

There has just been the same issue as you are experiencing right now for another user, with the new hardware revision models of the ThermoPro TP357 (now with an extra S at the end of its name and longer advertising data)

and as you can read this has been fixed in the latest development branch of Theengs Decoder.

This means it is also be available in the development branch of OpenMQTTGateway at

with the current SHA:cbec42 test build and future test builds at that location.

It will also be included in the next official releases.

Hello @DigiH,

Thanks a lot for your quick response ! I have just tried the SHA:cbec42 test build and it works :grinning:

The packet is now the following :
{“id”:“FF:66:75:66:4A:D5”,“name”:“TP357S (4AD5)”,“rssi”:-28,“brand”:“ThermoPro”,“model”:“TH Sensor”,“model_id”:“TP35X/393”,“type”:“THB”,“tempc”:22.8,“tempf”:73.04,“hum”:37}

Please find below some pictures of my device : only TP357 is mentioned (and not TP357S) …

Good to hear it is working fine for you with the latest dev build :slight_smile:

Please find below some pictures of my device : only TP357 is mentioned (and not TP357S) …

Thanks for the pictures! The different TP357S name only seems to be in the braodcast advertising data, as also seen in your original undecoded post, and it also marks the longer advertising data, which was the issue with not being decoded before.

Would you grant us the permission to use your front TP357 image in the compatible device listing?

No problem, you can use my front TP357 image.

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