Esp32dev-multi_receiver - Change

Hi, Appreciate any guidance please. I have a system working with an ESP32 and a CC1101 connected to Home Assistant via MQTT. All good.

I’m new to MQTT Explorer (Windows Application) and trying to change the RF module with MQTT explorer.
Can you advise where I place the command in the interface ?

I can see the device is online as per image


On the right hand side I see publish items for top and a panel below with options for raw, xml and json.

I see the docs give examples of commands:

mosquitto_pub -t “home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTto433” -m ‘{“active”:true}’

Do I need to change anything. Is OpenMQTTGateway correct or do I need to add the extra for _multi_receiver ?

Any advice appreciated.

Hi @santiniuk

In the Publish section enter


as the topic, but with making sure to replace the gateway name with your gateway’s name with _multi_receiver, as this is the gateway you want to send the command to.

as the content in json format.

Hi DigiH,

Thanks so much for the quick reply. I have been trying for quite a while and really should have just posted sooner.
I followed your guidance and can now see the module respond and change. Excellent - Thanks.

I’m moving from a Mega - RFlink system that could see my Yale Alarm system. Quite old now HSA6300 series. I don’t think it’s supported now in OMG but hopefully it will get added as it appears the protocol is know.


Good to hear it’s working for you now.

Out of curiosity - what kind of hardware _multi_receiver gateway did you set up?

For any new devices to be supported for RF (RCSwitch or Pilight) or rtl_433_ESP/respectively rtl_433 issues should be logged for the relevant parent libraries, as noted at

Hi, I’m just learning the various options so hope I’m understanding correctly.
I am using:
esp-wroom-32 and a CC1101 both purchased from Amazon.
I followed the wiring guide as detailed in the “Set it Up” section on instructions.
Then I used the “Upload from Web” option and used the web based installer to flash the file esp32dev-multi_receiver.

With this running I can see various 433Mhz based devices I have. I’ve tried the various radio options of the multi_receiver and can see different devices in Home assistant.

I also have a Sonoff RF-Bridge that I converted to Tasmota and uses the Portisch that works well.

My home alarm system is a Yale HSA-6300 system which is 433Mhz based.
Following a thread on Home Assistant forum

I was able to monitor the alarm PIR and Door contact signals with an Arduino Mega and RFLink.

I then heard of OMG and would like to use this to detect the Yale PIR and Door contacts.
It appears this is discussed on the link

This is where I am currently.


Thanks for this link. This yale_hsa.c decoder is in rtl_433, but has not been included in the rtl_433_ESP library (yet) which OpenMQTTGateway is using. With its OOK_PULSE_PWM modulation I would assume it’s possible to carry it over, but this is best left to answer for @NorthernMan54, the rtl_433 wiz, who has created this great ESP version.

@santiniuk the current build is based on the previous release of rtl_433, so I need to update the package then it should be available. The upgrade is in my current backlog.

Guys - What a fantastic community. I really appreciate the follow up details and will be patiently looking out to hopefully test the Yale automation in the future.
I’m more than happy to do any testing if that is of any use.
This is the last piece of my Home Assistant automation’s that would be covered.
Thanks so much.

Hi santiniuk,

Can you post link to the CC1101 you are using and exact ESP32 board?
What type of receiving range do you get on your build?

Reason for asking is that I have very poor results on two recent purchased CC1101 modules from Ebay, tested on two different generation ESP32 Dev board. I know other have reported limited range with this combo, however I’m only geting a couple of meters, which cant be right. I am suspecting bad CC1101 boards, perhaps mislabeled 868 version or something else.


Hi sure. No problem.

The CC1101 looks like it is now out of stock but link is

The Esp32 devices are also from Amazon

I have not done a huge amount of testing as I’m hoping to see the Yale integration in the future.

Good luck.

Thank you santiniuk,

They look identical to the ones that I’ve used, both ESP and CC1101.
I have ordered another CC1101 from another vendor in case it is a batch error or “fake”…

Thanks again for sharing!

Hi NorthernMan54,

Firstly, many thanks for the release of OMG V1.5.0. All working fine and great to see the ability now to upgrade firmware directly within home assistant.

I just want to check. The release logs don’t make any mention of including the Yale protocol. And I also cannot detect any of the sensors that I can with RFlink so I presume it has not been added. No problem, I know the request has not been for long.
Just confirming it’s not implemented and it’s not a hardware or setup selection issue my side?

Thank you.

It should be part of the next rtl_433_ESP, as it is listed here as number 156

This is currently in regression testing in my test environment.