Esp8266 + hm10 + dht22


i try the esp8266 + hm10 + dht22 combo, but i cant get any messages from hm10, the dht22 works great, the pins are correct, do i missing something? i need flash hm10 with something or just connect the pins and it should work?


hmm, you need to follow and respect the indications of the guide


i read the guide, the differences are : the nodemcu is v3, i connected the hm10 directly on nodemcu , and i bought the hm10 in my city but the model seems to be the same from bangood. the serial monitor read is this:

Sending Hum to MQTT
Sending Temp to MQTT
Uptime (s)
Remaining memory
Activated modules


Did you checked your hm10 firmware version?


no, what firm need to be? and how can i check? :hugs:


From the guide ;-):

the HM10/11 firmware version must be >= v601

how can you check, with a ftdi USB/TTL, here is the HM10 guide:


You can try also to comment this line,
This will enable to be compatible with some previous version of HM10 nevertheless you will not be able to read mi flora sensors, only to detect beacons


comment line didnt work :frowning:


hmm, best thing you can do now is to connect your hm10 to an USB/TTL FTDI and familiarize yourself with AT commands and the hm10 update process