ESP8266 Infrared transmitter

I successfully installed v1.6.0 on an ESP8266MOD.
It successfully decodes signals with a receiver connected to D4.
So far so good.
The outgoing signals however, are not on D0, but on Tx.
Tx is high (3,3V in rest) and gets pulled low when I send a code to it.
Vmin is about -0.24V.
Is there a way to change this behaviour, or an electronic trick to invert this, so I still can drive an IR LED?
As for connecting the IR LED, I see lots of different setups. Here a transistor is used, some sites use a resistor, other sites just connect the LED directly. I myself was thinking about using an optocoupler.

Thinking about it: Tx being high should not have to be a problem. Bias the LED the other way, it can also sink current, right?

If not working with TX you could try with another pin?

It was set to TX to free pins for other modules.

I ordered an ESP32. So I can also use the WEB-UI.

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