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ESP8266 RF Sockets


I am trying to receive an RF signal to control my RF smart wall plugs. They are SF-501R modules. I receive data from the remote, but it appears to be gibberish and random. The protocol changes between 25 and 29 all the time. It appears to me there is no support for this algorithm.

There is a github repo that has an algorithm implementation here :

Is this something that could be added?

Thanks for your help and your amazing open source library!



Are you using ZgatewayRF or ZgatewayPilight?

I am using ZGatewayRF.

Would it be possible to try zgatewayPilight to see if it recognize your protocol ?

Ok. I will try using pilight.

This page describes the protocol more in detail. Im not entirely sure if the timings are the same, but the wave shapes are the same.