Etekcity ESF24 BLE Weight Scale

I have the Etekcity ESF24 BLE Weight Scale. I found a python script on Github that is able to read it. The author doesn’t do more then get the info, it’s up to the end user to add the code to store/transmit the data how they see fit(ie currently just outputs to the stout(?). Not really being able to program, I couldn’t really get my head around it. I’m about to start using Home Assistant and it would be great if this could be integrated into OMG. I’m not really looking to support it’s other measurements due to the fact I’m a below the knee amputee and it needs to have contact from both limbs(feet) to produce anything but weight measurements. This was confirmed by Etekcity Support(ie their phone app wouldn’t ever save my weight, so I was left having to enter each measurement manually, which defeats the whole purpose of using a connected scale). The scale shows up as “QN-Scale1”.