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Example flows for filtering and sending IR messages


I would like to create an IR gateway to be able to read and control several devices with Domoticz (and my harmony hub).
Since I am a really bad SW writer and have no knowledge about java I was wondering if there are any example flows available for the most elementary actions like receiving an IR code, filtering a specific code and forwarding a MQTT message to Domoticz and vice versa? When I read the manuals it seems all like Chinese to me, sorry :wink:

In the meantime I managed to recieve IR signals and forward the value to Domoticz on one IDX, but filtering one specific IR code and controlling an ON/OFF device in Domoticz is the next challenge to me.
Same would be to filter received MQTT messages from Domoticz from a specific IDX device and then send a specific IR code via the MQTTgateway. I thought I got it working but after sending one code the gateway connection stopped, probably due to an endless IR return loop where I cannot find the error.

Does anybody have some sort of solution working and are you willing to upload the flow so I can try to make it fit for my purpose?

Thanks a lot for any support!


Unfortunately I don’t have DomoticZ, I have seen that they need this IDX field, maybe a solution could be to implement the filter and adds into Node RED

Thanks, the receiving and filtering now works!
I can receive an IR string from the OMG and I can receive and filter a Domoticz switch status based on IDX.

What I did not get working was to send an IR string over the OMG.
Does anyone have a simple node red example how to send an IR string over OMG?

I’m using the Lolin shield on an ESP8266 and I’ve changed the ESP output to 0 (D3) as mentioned in config_IR.h, but even with an oscilloscope I do not see any signal when I try to send a code with node red…

I cannot succeed in sending any IR code over MQTT.

With MQTT Explorer I see that I read and send the same IR code, but there is nothing sent by the OMG!!

IRtoMQTT = {“value”:18446744073709551615,“protocol”:3,“bits”:0,“hex”:“0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF”,“protocol_name”:“NEC”,“raw”:“9100,2210,630”}

MQTTtoIR = {“value”:18446744073709551615,“protocol”:3,“bits”:0,“hex”:“0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF”,“protocol_name”:“NEC”,“raw”:“9100,2210,630”}

Please tell me what I’m doing wrong here, it is driving me nuts and I’m about to give up since I’ve spent over 8 hours on this!


The code received doesn’t look good. It is like an overflow. Do you receive another code on the broker ?
When publishing just use hex and protocol_name.

Hey, that was great advice!
Now it worked.
Indeed this example was NOK since bits:0. After some tries I had the correct code of 0xFFF00F (volume up) and sent it as {“hex”:“0xFFF00F”, “protocol_name”:“NEC”} and it works now perfectly!

Thanks a lot for this great help, I’m totally happy now :wink:

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